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' Day of the Giants, Piha', Photography by Ted Scott


Downloads :

Information for New Artists : doc / pdf
Exhibition Enquiry  : doc / pdf

We welcome new artists

If you are an artist wishing to join us as a member and display your work, or you are looking for an exhibition- our main criteria for becoming a member artist, is that you must be a West Auckland resident.
(Old boundaries of Waitakere City 2010) .

Interested artists must provide one or two samples of finished work, with an indication of the sale price, along with a brief resume and some photos of other work. 

This will be submitted to the next available trust meeting for consideration.
As there is limited space and demand is high, not all new artists will be accepted.

Exhibition proposals :
We offer artists exhibition opportunities, either as a sole artist, or as part of a group exhibition.

Please put a proposal together telling us about your exhibition idea,
with a few samples of finished work and photographs of other work that can considered by the gallery trustees.
(The gallery is usually booked 12 - 18 months ahead for exhibitions.)

Call or email us or for enquires :
our telephone number is 09 8128 029

and you can email us at :