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Belle Bird Organic Body Balms are a rich, heavenly blend of organic oils and butters designed to make your skin feel AND smell divine.  Developed from a unique recipe of carefully selected ingredients, each famed for its own nourishing, healing or restorative properties, these balms are a must-have, magic pot of gold.

Belle Bird Balms was founded in 2012, in response to a limited range of quality, organic moisturisers available in local shops. Working long hours, often outdoors, as a NZ film technician, I wanted some real skin salvation at the end of a long day. Finding a completely natural, all-over, use anywhere, last the full day, smell great, organic ingredients body moisturiser (I don't ask much!) turned up very few results. So I set out to research the best skin-nourishing ingredients and make my own moisturiser. After a great deal of trial and error I settled on an oil-based product using the magical base oils of coconut and sesame.



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