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Emily grew up just over the hill at Karekare beach. 


EmmyKate’s are one-off and limited edition wearable sculptures. All work is individual, New Zealand made and crafted by Emily’s own two hands. Her pieces are never mass-produced. When you own an EK piece it will always be an original piece of art.


Emily’s mission is to create elaborate wearable art from scratch. Each piece is a raw sculpture that becomes a part of the person who wears it. Emily makes sure her pieces are comfortable for everyday use whilst at the same time speaking volumes without saying a word. Her vision is to make pieces that become part of the wearer’s identity. 


Says Emily – ‘After always having a strong interest in metalwork and geometry, I became captivated with the manipulation of raw material. I can now sit for hours re-working and carving my pieces to perfection. I love uncovering new angles and surfaces. 


My technique of choice has always been hand fabrication and carving. I have always had a strong interest in visual awareness and this intensified with my work in filmmaking and my studies in film interpretation. I draw my inspiration from nature, film, architecture, and fashion. I create what I am passionate about while pushing the boundaries of metalwork and experimenting with raw materials, I look for flowing shapes and rolling mazes. I like the simple abstractions of shapes that you can make satisfyingly complicated.


I am fascinated by how quickly a material can change from an organic chunk of metal to smooth and sparkling that looks outrageously different from the original material. It is as if an object not only adopts a second life but refutes its true identity.’



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