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Jago Neal is a mixed media artist, illustrator and photographer originally from London. He has a small studio at home which also serves as a darkroom. Jago often incorporates photography into his practice or integrates it with other methods of drawing, collage or painting. “I enjoy exploring the transformative ways you can create imagery using methods of ‘Liquid light’, ‘photo-grams’ and ‘Pinhole photography’. By incorporating other mediums into my work or transferring my images onto different surfaces I try to enhance, extend or replicate what is already suggested and elevate the feeling it conveys.” (Neal)


Jago has exhibited in the UK and New Zealand for some years now including at the West Gallery. He taught Art and Photography in High Schools around Auckland for 5 years and is currently the manager of a community art Centre and gallery called Kumeu Arts. Recently, Jago self-published his first Children’s book ‘The Magic Campsite’. 


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