I developed a great love of clean classical shapes and lines and a rather sparse feel to my work from my time in Japan. I have always been fascinated by bright colours, with the blues and greens in my work perhaps reflecting the environment of Auckland's West Coast and the Waitakere Forest, where I live and walk my dogs. I also have a mild fascination for art deco, modernism and Indian temple architecture, which occasionally intrudes. The elephants stem from an obsession that started back in the 1980s when I visited the elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka and fell in love as I fed one of their babies from a (very) large bottle.

I love working on the wheel, though for larger pots I sometimes use coiling as I find it a very therapeutic way of working and it gives my rather slow brain the opportunity to develop the idea of the pot as I'm going along. A lot of the tiles use wood block printing stamps from my travels in India, along with some of my own that I've carved. Recent work has been affected by a residency in Himachal Pradesh, where I became fascinated by animal horns and stupas.