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Ruby mostly works in two mediums - printmaking and mixed media. She works quite spontaneously and intuitively and loves experimentation, pushing boundaries with media. Ruby is enthusiastic about creating her work, both print and mixed media, using multiple layers, colours, textures and she is always developing & growing her style.


She says she has always had an affinity with nature and the environment and in New Zealand the natural world is so raw and close. This is one of the reasons she chooses to live at Bethells Beach, to be close to that raw natural power and the awesomeness of the landscape of west Auckland. She also has a strong interest in native fauna and flora and this is often used in her art.


Ruby says she hopes that her art is primarily visually pleasing to the viewer and on further viewing draws the viewer in for further investigation; that the work slowly unveils itself as one looks deeper and discovers more and more layers of meaning and depth.


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