Over the years I have built on my interest of Craft/Art learning Taniko and Flax Weaving, Basket making, Spinning, Weaving, and Natural Dying with plants.

I spent three years in a part time class at Artstation Domestic Craft meets Contempary Art – tutored by Trish Scott.


It was during this class that an interest in Jewellery making developed thus doing a year part-time class in Art and Craft Jewellery at Hungry Creek Art and Craft School in 2006.


For 7 years now I have been making Peg Dolls.

It is with a passion for Domestic Craft, New Zealand and Pacific Art and Recycling that translates into the doll making.


Materials I have included into my doll making practice are Harakeke, Tapa Cloth, Shells, Coconut and Palm Fibre, Tea Towel Scraps, Old Linen and Blankets, Fringing, Bottle tops, Plastic Bags, Leaves, Wire, Human Hair, Coins, Pounamu, Beads, cotton and woolen threads.