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Suzanne Mackenzie draws inspiration from nature. Presently, her work captures still life through photographic images, exploring the simple and complex beauty in nature. Looking to capture different forms, colours, curves, lines and textures seen and sometimes unnoticed on our coasts and in our native bush. A single frame can give these images a new identity, while making the familiar look unfamiliar or the unseen stand out.

Her passion lies in capturing the ordinary and magnifying it to see and feel how extraordinary it is. With an artist’s eye she is open to the world of composition and sees abstract images in nature that can be bought to life in framed prints or on canvas.

She is self-taught and her photography is a “point and shoot” style, simply seeing nature as the talented Artist and she as the “Artistic photographer”.

Suzanne is also an Abstract Artist and has a talent for using natural materials such as black West coast and East coast sands, tiny stones and shells to create depth and contrasting surfaces to give a balanced design of colour, texture and harmony in provocative contemporary art she calls 'Sandscapes'.



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