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Terry is an artist living in Oratia. He grew up living in West Auckland, spending the best days of his childhood at Foster’s Bay, Huia and as well as the big surf beaches. He was an ex - student of Gareth Tapper and Ralph Venables. He worked for many years as a screen printer with well known artist Ted Dutch. His work is currently exhibited in galleries from Piha to Parnell as well as being held in private collections. His artwork is mainly about places he loves in West Auckland. He finds the grand scale, shapes and endless colour shifts fascinating and derives great joy trying to capture them.

In January and February of 2019, Terry was invited by Heritage Expeditions to be artist in residence on their ship the 'Spirit Of Enderby', which went to Antarctica by way of the subantarctic islands. These paintings are from images taken on this life changing month, reflecting the beauty of this vast continent and just how small we are in comparison.



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