Welcome to my latest exhibition - 'Forces of Nature'

The principal motivation behind my work, is to show off the unique qualities of New Zealand's native timbers and to encourage people to connect with nature through art.

I work with only fallen native trees to creat...


Affordable gifts for EVERYONE at the West Coast Gallery!


Just a little about myself and my paintings.

I live in the foothills of Waitakere and have a small studio in my home. We are surrounded by native bush and wild birds and this gives me the ideas towards a new painting. I started my painting in water colour and I have n...


Matthias Sudholter

Born in Germany, Matthias immigrated to New Zealand in 1983. He had a strong interest in arts from a young age. During his childhood and teenage year’s he was keenly interested in drawing and painting. His formal studies were in model making and prop...


The Waitakere Central Community Arts Council is a not-for-profit organisation supporting arts participation in the community and promoting arts practice from grassroots to professional level artists.

To new artists and groups, we offer support with exhibitions by prov...


"I am a textile artist, mother and wife and reside in Piha, my place of happy childhood memories.

I began to explore my passion for textile art and Heartfelt evolved as a means of self therapy during the time when my father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in...


The Auckland Festival of Photography is a city-wide contemporary art and cultural event which takes place within Auckland's major galleries, project spaces, non-gallery venues and public sites during June each year.

The programme includes a mix of emerging and establish...


Piha resident Artist/ Dancer Jasmin Canuel will be exhibiting her New York collection of framed Prints for the first time in New Zealand. Along with new acrylic on canvas Paintings.

The series of famed prints are from “Elements of Movement” ORA Gallery 2016. A joint s...


Group show featuring a collection of West Coast Jewellers and their stunning jewellery.


This body of work features, amongst other things, a specific part of the local landscape – i.e. The Gap, which recently has been returned to public ownership. This affords the ability to see the area from different angles.

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