SUZANNE MACKENZIE 'Nature is the Artist, I AM the Photographer'



4TH JUNE - 3RD JULY 2016



"I am truly inspired and moved by the incredible beauty and magic that I see and sense in Nature.  

This uniqueness and beauty of nature’s textures, shapes and colours, evoke in me a natural euphoria that leaves me feeling lighter and brighter, creating an infinite source of energy, causing me to shine.

This source of inspiration and light heartedness naturally compels me to emulate natures greatness and gracefulness in my Art and Artistic Photography.

My photographic images capture and expose natures beauty and different artistic styles, which I see in this extraordinary “Artist” which we called “Nature”.

All my images are from a “Point and Shoot” experience.  No special effects are applied, apart from some colour enhancement at times. Effectively you are seeing what is there to see.  

In the spirit of my own Nature, I would like to share these images that make me feel lighter and brighter.  Being a photographer comes naturally to me and I simply love it."

















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