'SPRING FUNK' - Re-cycle, Re-vamp & Re-create Costume Dance Party



17th Sept 2016, Barnett Hall, 7pm - 1am


Band - Ijebu Pleasure Club
Cafe & Cash Bar
Prizes (for best costume)
Tickets $20 from the West Coast Gallery and Titirangi Pharmacy


Let us introduce you to IJEBU PLEASURE CLUB....


It's 1986 in a small town in Nigeria, and this covers band have just been told they need to switch from playing Afrobeat to covering USA top-40 hits to keep their gig. They don’t own any of the records, but they’re going to give it a try. What would that sound like?

Ijebu Pleasure Club will show you - mashing up the Afrobeat style of Fela Kuti with hits of the 80's you'll remember (and perhaps some best-forgotten).


Introducing singer Nuel Nonso Nwachukwu from Nigeria, the band pulls together 10 experienced NZ jazz, funk & soul musicians who have performed and recorded with groups such as The Hot Grits, Katchafire, Homebrew, Very Tall Stories, Spiral, Ko-lab, Solaa and the Ngaruawahia High School Big Band.

With a powerful 5-horn lineup, and tight-grooving rhythm section, this band will get you on your feet dancing and will convince you that ALL pop music comes from the mother-land Africa.

See them in action here!...http://www.ijebupleasureclub.co.nz/#afrobeat
















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