SANGSOOL SHIM & KEUMSUN LEE 'The Memorandum of Nature'





18 Feb - 19 March 2017


Sang Sool Shim and Keum Sun Lee are self-taught potters, together they collaborate on ceramics both traditional Korean and contemporary ceramic techniques. Their works reflect their cultural heritage and a life set in the Waitakere Ranges.

Shim is a renowned 8th Dan Grand Master of Tae Kwon Do, he was the former National couch for Brunei and instructor of Brunei royal family. He has taught Tae Kwon Do throughout in New Zealand. Lee has a Doctorate in public administration and has worked for Korean government for 27 years.

Working with both 10th-century and 15-century techniques of Korean pottery, the two have adapted these traditions and added colours to give a contemporary aspect to their creations.

Their time intensive clay works are completely handmade and require a lot of patience and concentration to complete. “In these days everything is so fast but we want to think of slow. That is why we concentrate and make fully handmade works. It is a kind of meditation,” say the artists.

They have had many successful exhibitions in Korea, Austria, Croatia and New Zealand, and have won the Portage Ceramic Awards in New Zealand for 10 years continuously, as well as international awards. In 2013, they were selected as lecturer artists of International Academic Program by The 7thInternational Ceramic Biennale 2013 in Korea. In 2014 they were selected as a finalist in National Contemporary Art Award at Waikato Museum.

Shim and Lee’s ceramics can be found in the collections of Kapfenberg Museum in Austria and the Portage Licensing Trust.












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