LEAH WILSON - 'It's the Little Things'



Getting just a little less young has shown me that life (as many have said in their poetry and song lyrics) is really in the little moments – if we can get our attention there.


Some of the sweetest moments in my life, when looking over my shoulder have been in the details; the way one of my daughter's forehead crinkles when she's perplexed (which seems to be often!); the three of them playing with playdough on our deck; the green glaze on my great-grandmother's bowl; the sculptural shape and perfection of a leaf; the pattern on my mother's favourite dress; the balance in design of my grandfathers' pliers...I think you get the picture!


Usually I paint large expressive land and forestscapes:


Working on large pieces like the one above gives me the sense of freedom of expression of one side of myself – while these detailed close-up studies feed another. I am extremely sentimental, tactile and visual – preserving memories and aspects of nature/human history satisfies these tendencies. I hope they can bring people pleasure, be a reminder of the perfection of nature, the potential for greatness in mankind and magic in life's moments.


The botanical influence is largely from my naturalist Grandfather who brought me often as a young child into the Waitakere Ranges and taught me to appreciate the place and the majesty of nature. He communicated the rare value of having this native forest so close to the biggest city in the country.


The name of this show is derived from the lyrics of the great Kiwi band Trinity Roots


"It's the little things
That really matter"

And also John Lennon's line:


Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans"













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