Andy Mardell is a wood turner and sculptor from Piha who is producing unique wooden shapes with magnificent grains and finish. He has utilised discarded Swamp Kauri tree stumps from Takanini, and recycled wood. The principle motivation behind Andy’s work is to show off the unique qualities of New Zealand timber.

Andy mentioned he has worked through many phases like the “Geometric series”, of sculptured geometric shapes with inspiration behind the pieces varying from nature to science fiction.
The turned bowls and vases are full of character, each piece has history in the wood itself showing off bark incorporated in the work and one bowl still has Kauri gum on it. The burr bowls have wild wood grain and like nature it is these irregularities add character. His latest Waka Stern is an unusual and possibly controversial piece of sculpture is the combination of old Maori and modern European blended of styles where he focus more on the shapes than the intricate traditional Maori carving.


Nature presents its forms and he interprets them, this creative and symbiotic relationship is unique tribute to the unique New Zealand trees.