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Someone said to me that artists often carry a group of themes within them for a lifetime and certainly, for me, I see themes in what I make recurring in a variety of forms.


I have used both animals and dolls to embody human emotions. I utilise the Hare as an everyman, and sometimes an alter ego, given that my maiden name Coney means rabbit. They are everyman figures and they are all invested, in some way, with a sense of our mortality and a preoccupation with our inner life and the subconscious. I find the concept of the void compelling - the alchemy of our genesis from nothing to something to nothing again – dust to dust.


As a figurative ceramic sculptor I hand build using both coil and slab techniques and construct in a modular way. The formation of identity, particularly during childhood, continues to be my focus and the motivation in my making is to capture and encapsulate those small haemorrhages of the self, the dualities we encounter, which chart our emotional progress through life.


I completed a Master of Design at Unitec in 2012.



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