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Dean is one of New Zealand’s best known artists and has during the past 30 years has probably become New Zealand’s most prolific painter as well as one of the most instantly recognisable.


His large oils that demonstrate both technical brilliance and a close affinity with the natural world are found in homes throughout New Zealand, in public buildings and galleries both here and overseas. Coupled with his creative talent is an ability to live life to the full and is a keen defender of preserving New Zealand’s natural environment.


Dean has long been transfixed by line and colour; by the complex geometries of New Zealand landscape and bush. Dean brims with energy and passion. He cycles, he walks through the bush trails of Auckland’s West Coast, he climbs mountains, and he paints landscape and still life. A punishing regime of work and exercise is maintained daily, up well before dawn, painting in his studio down the bush path from his house. Dean has found his unique voice, his unique vision of the world around him and now as ever, seeks only to paint it.

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