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Born in Auckland in 1971, I have been painting most of my life, and exhibiting since 2007. I have held four solo shows and have been a finalist in numerous art awards, including the Wallace Art Awards and the Molly Morpeth Awards. The "Green Box Agreement" won the People's Choice Award at the Wallace Awards in 2012. My work is also held in several International Collections.


In a recent Herald review my work was described as "...a variety of surrealism...with the closely worked fine detail of magical realism." It is also psychodynamic, bridging the field of the unconscious with the conscious. The exhibition "The Coloured World" is a collection of new and recent paintings. The title refers to how children experience their world.

The fantasy glitter works are drawn from talking with children I teach about the weighty topics of death and climate change.

The remaining works deal with separation and loss. Overall, the paintings are intended as narratives of beauty, and pay homage to notions of love and hope.



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