You may see Jacqui walking Freddie along the beach, both just as friendly.  Where ever Jacqui and Freddie walk there is weaving material everywhere, which inspires Jacqui to weave.


Jacqui has been weaving for around 20 years after studying Maori Fine Arts at Unitech.  Jacqui then went on to become a lecturer at Unitech and also Manukau Tech.


Jacqui loves to create original art pieces using Pingao (found on the West Coast beaches NZ) and Harakeke (flax).  No two pieces are the same, every piece orignal and every piece named.  Jacqui does use commercial dyes just to add colour to the harakeke. 


I am sure you will enjoy Jacqui's work and thank you for 'weaving your way to Piha'.