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My work is inspired by beauty.


In the case of this current body of work, “Beautiful Iconz", I am moved by the majesty of the Aotearoa/New Zealand landscape. I’m grateful that civilisation has not entirely overwhelmed this land. There is a still a sense of how it used to be before western settlers arrived, before the great forests were cut down, before suburban sprawl and before the rivers were polluted by too many cattle. I feel this pristine beauty is worth responding to with fine art work.

The world of nature is complex and incomprehensible but it’s also a unity. I’m hoping to convey this through these pieces. I love the format of bas relief because it combines two and three dimensions so mysteriously; I see it as a combination of drawing and sculpture. The way that the third dimension is compressed means that the relationship between forms is very subtle and nuanced. The viewer can almost enter the miniaturised world of the landscape. I’ve returned to bas relief again and again throughout my artistic career. Currently, I sell bas relief portraits on the Internet.



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