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The human form and its relationship to its internal and external environment inspires me to paint. The play of colour and the flow of line; the intimacy of motherhood and the ultimate serenity that pervades in those quiet embraces or those rare moments of stillness is a theme that runs through many of my paintings and drawings.

The lush bush and coastal ranges in Waitakere New Zealand find their way into each painting, which becomes an exploration into new territory and keeps the journey alive.


Since completing a Degree in Graphics and Illustration over 20 years ago, my focus has been working with people of all walks of life, initiating and supporting art groups, from women in a remote village in Zimbabwe, orphaned kids in Romania, nuns in Thailand, reclusive artists in Australia, mother artists and their children here in New Zealand. I have worked as a framer and art supplier, coordinating and teaching art workshops, co-running a healing centre with a large quantity of practitioners, setting up and running a gallery for local emerging and established artists, being part of co-operative art groups as well as integrating the practice of Zen Shiatsu into my life. This practice, as well as having my children, has developed a more intuitive response to the subject being created in a more painterly form.



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