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I am a 3-dimensional paper mache decorative artist as well as an acrylic on canvas painter and sometimes combine the two mediums. My background is in Hospitality and I owned two successful (and colourful) cafes which I sold just before covid, but painting has always been in the background as a stress release and therapy. I've exhibited my work for many years as well as working full-time cooking, but now that I am semi-retired, the painting has become more prolific.


I love colour and the surrounding energy and uplifting it can bring. A lot of my previous work relates probably back to the day to day and people orientated things associated to cafe culture, all with a bit of humour.


These days, as I spend a lot of my time in the bush at home in inspiration for my paintings now come more from nature, the beauty of flowers, my surroundings and eco-system (... the birds and insects that hang out here in my bubble).



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