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For many years I was a teacher with a passion for art.  It was within this role I started 'playing' with clay. This developed into an all-consuming desire to spend my time exploring its versatility and creative potential. For the last 35 years my home has been in the Waitakeres, West Auckland, Aotearoa.

Full of colour, texture, and birdsong, this environment creates constant inspiration and motivation for my compositions.

A purpose-built studio nestled alongside my home and garden has enabled me to develop my knowledge and skills with my chosen media. I now create wall art, birds, vessels, vases and jewellery. Each piece is handmade, and feature impressions of textured surfaces including lace, embroidery and doilies. These women's work from the past takes on new lives in my retro informed pieces. Colour plays a large role in defining my work, from the brightly hued to the mute toned. Each glaze-like piece is unique and a humble tribute to the natural landscape which surrounds me.


I feel privileged and fortunate to be able to live this life creating small objects of beauty for others to enjoy.


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