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The natural environment informs the glass work of Roselle Amoore.

The bands of colour fused glass in many various hues of blue, soft white, black, yellow, reds, orange and the bubbles that punctuate these horizons, suggest a range of natural associations.

Trained in the U.K in Art and Design, and with a background rich in the use of colour and pattern from textile design, her foray into glass work has been both taught and self-taught.

When making her glass pieces, Roselle incorporates various different methods, including: casting, fusing, torch-work and slumping. When heating the glass at alternate temperatures, sometimes small air bubbles are trapped in the veins of colour, just like a moment in time.

The unique aspect of each work and process is a compelling part of the glass work for Roselle - "I love glass as a medium, as you are never sure what the end result will be, there is a constant element of surprise and wonder".


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