Sang Sool SHIM & his wife, Keum Sun LEE, are Korean potters and ceramic artists. They have had many successful exhibitions in Korea, Austria, Croatia and New Zealand, and have won Portage Ceramic Awards in New Zealand for 8years continuously, as well as international awards in Austria and Korea. In 2013, they were selected as lecturer artists of International Academic Program by the 7th International Ceramic Biennale 2013 in Korea.

In 2014 they were selected as a finalist in National Contemporary Art Award at Waikato Museum and successfully exhibited their works in SCULPTURE ON SHORE.


Working with both 10th century and 15 century techniques of Korean pottery, the two have adapted these traditions and added colours to give a contemporary aspect to their creations.


The two enjoy bringing their spiritual philosophy to the art of pottery ‘in which life, so often hectic and fleeting, is deliberately slowed down and savoured’.